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Cuarteto    Violines


You can attend the course as either a registered or unregistered student. This course is meant for students who have a college or pre-college technical level. There is no age limit. Under aged students will have to present a parental agreement on the first day of the course.

Each class will consist of a maximum of 10 students.
Each student is entitled to 5 classes in each discipline he/she inscribes to.

All students should indicate if they want to participate in the course Chamber Orchestra in their application form. The teaching staff will after the first lessons decide which students will take part in it among those interested.

Teachers Sergey and Savva Fatkunlin will only admit students that are already on their class.

Specialities: Violin, Viola, Cello, String Chamber Music, Quartet and Chamber orchestra.

There will be a Prize for the best quartet or string ensemble participating in the Course which consists on a free inscription for the specialty on the following edition of the course. The winner will be chosen after a concert on the last day of the course (the date might be modified depending on the groups availability), where only those groups who reach the level required by the teaching staff will be chosen to perform.


The teaching staff will decide which students will be admitted to the course, regardless on tho order of registration or on the teacher preference stated in the inscription form.
Provisional lists of successful and unsuccessful applicants will be posted at our website ( by June 30th. Final lists will be published after the deadline for the second inscription payment, which is July 10th. This second payment is required for the final acceptance of succesful students: if a provisional successful student does not make this second payment, his place will be given to a student on the waiting list. The final lists with all admitted and not admitted students will be published between July 11th and 15th. The reservation or first inscription fee will be reimbursed to all not admitted candidates.
There is no limit on places available for unregistered students but they will not be entitled to accommodation in the youth hostel and will have to find their own lodgings.

DATES: 19-31 AUGUST 2017

for all teachers except the members of Cuarteto Quiroga, who will impart their lessons in the following dates:
From August 23rd to August 30th: Josep Puchades (viola) and Helena Poggio (cello) will teach Instrument, String quartet and Strings ensembles and Chamber Orchestra.
From August 25th to August 30th: Aitor Hevia and Cibrán Sierra (violin) will teach Instrument, String quartet and Strings ensembles and Chamber Orchestra.

19 August:Student Reception from 12 a.m. to 2 pm and 3 pm to 4 pm. (At 2 pm we have lunch at the hostel)
4 p.m.: presentation and schedule distribution.
5 p.m. Beginning of the Course.
The students of the Cuarteto Quiroga members will have their presentation and schedule distribution on August 23rd at 4 p.m. (Josep Puchades and Helena Poggio) and August 25th at 4 p.m. (Aitor Hevia and Cibrán Sierra). Any students who will be arriving late or will attend on different dates must inform the Course secretary by e-mail ( in order to have their requests taken into account when arranging the schedules.
31 August: Course finishes at 10 a.m., after breakfast time.


Inscription period: from March 1st until June 20th 2017

The registration form can be sent over the Internet through the website:

The receipt of the bank transfer (or photocopy) of the reserve or first inscription fee must be sent to the Musicians Association of Asturias by June 20th 2017.

Asociación de Músicos de Asturias
C/ Monte Gamonal, 21-6º D
33012 Oviedo - Spain
Tel. (00 34) 985 08 46 90 and (00 34) 985 25 62 87
Mobile: (00 34) 696 80 17 60 and (00 34) 650 98 47 98
Móbile phone for English spoken people : (00 34) 659 23 66 59
Website :



150 €
Instrument Course
330 €
Unregistered student
100 €
Quartet course or Chamber Music (string)
230 €
Instrument Course and Quartet course or Chamber Music
450 €
Board and lodging at the youth hostel
320 €

The reservation fee or first instalmentof 150 €  must be paid to: 

IBAN CODE: ES60 0030 7017 9908 7000 3271
BIC (Bank's international code): BSCHESMMXXX

Payable to: ”Curso Música”. The name of the student and his/her passport or identity card number must also be stated. Wihtout this information the inscription can not be validated.

The resevation fee paid by the accepted students, will not be refunded in any case. Nevertheless, this amount will be deducted from the total amount of the second instalment.

The second installment, corresponding to the remaining amount of the registration fee and the hostel, will be paid between July 1st and July 10th, in the same account that the first and expressly specifying the student's name and ID (or passport). The application will not be valid without these data.

All money transfers must have all the bank charges paid.


Students will receive a diploma confirming their participation in the course on August 30th at 7 p.m in the closing ceremony that will take place in the Llanes Culture House.

Central Office and Course Accommodation

Residencia – Albergue Juvenil “Juventudes” (“Juventudes” Youth Hostel)
C/ Celso Amieva, 7
33500 Llanes, Asturias. Spain.

Comfortable rooms , each with two beds. Lounge.
Library. T.V. Videos. Games room.
Only 200 m. from “El Sablón” beach.

Students of Quartet and Chamber Music must bring their scores and if possible the full score in pocket version.

Students staying in the hostel must provide their own towels, hangers and appropriate concert dress.

Each student must bring their own music stand.

Under age students will be admited only with parental authorisation and at their own risk.

Classes will be held at the Escuela Municipal de Música(Municipal Music School) in Llanes.

Study centres:

The E.M. and F.P. (Secondary Education and Vocational Training) colleges and tin the Hostel.

Course accommodation information:
Tourist Office: (00 34) 985400164



road information can be found on:

Via de la Plata dual carriageway: Madrid-Llanes 549 km.

VIA BURGOS, follow the itinerary
A-1 Madrid - Burgos. 237 km.
N-627 Burgos - Aguilar de Campoo. 72 km.
N-611 Aguilar de Campoo – Reinosa - Torrelavega. 75 km.
A-8 Torrelavega-Unquera. 42 km.
N-634 Unquera – Llanes 21 km.
Total distance Madrid – Llanes 447 km.

A-8 Santander -Unquera. 67 km.
N-634 Unquera – Llanes 21 km.
Total distance Santander - Llanes 88 Km.

N-634 Ranón – Avilés 17 Km.
A-8 Avilés – Gijón – Llanes 124 Km.
Total distance from airport to Llanes 141 Km.

ALSA, Information and reservations call: 902 422 242, or
Main routes to Llanes are: Oviedo ­ Santander ­ Bilbao ­ Irún ­ Madrid

FEVE, Information:
Main routes to Llanes: Gijón - Oviedo ­ Santander
Santander:......... 94 220 95 22
Gijón:................. 98 534 24 15
Oviedo:.............. 98 529 76 56
Estación de Llanes: 985 401 182
Other train route from Madrid to Oviedo with RENFE trains

National and international flights.
Information and reservations call: 985 12 75 00, or

Distance from Airport to Llanes: 141 km.

Flights from Madrid and Barcelona.
Information and reservations call: 942 20 21 00

Distance from Airport to Llanes: 88 km.

National and international flights.
Information and reservations call: 94 486 96 63
Distance from Airport to Llanes: 196 km.

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